Park Homes For Living

Park Homes For Living

What are Park Homes for Living ?

Park Homes for Living are a prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home and located amongst others in a dedicated area normally known as a Park Village.

Some Park villages offer Park Homes for living to all age groups and some are dedicated to the over 45’s or over 55’s age groups.

Park Homes for Living can be a great way to downsize and save on costs as most Park Homes on offer are below normal Home or Unit prices depending on there location.

Those considering the Park Home lifestyle must know that most if not all Park Homes for sale are on a Cash basis and no banks do loans for these type of homes. There is also the weekly rent for the land and facilities offered by the Park Villages to consider in your budget.

Most people who have made the move to a Park Home love the lifestyle, security, facilities and companionship these Park Villages offer.