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Below you will find helpful tips, idea’s and how to’s when preparing and advertising your Park Home, Relocatable Home or Caravan & Annex.


A. Preparing your Home or Caravan for Sale.

B. Photo’s

C. Advertising your Home or Caravan on

A. Preparing your Home or Caravan for Sale.

To help make the selling process easier and to maximise your value simply follow the few steps below.

    • De Clutter, since you are already planning to move its a good idea to pack away all those things (especially personal things) that you don’t need on a day to day basis. Less is More, the less stuff you have in the house makes the rooms and living area’s look larger and prospective buyers can picture there stuff in them.
    • Make each room look its purpose and your outside alfresco area look inviting.
    • Do the odd small jobs if the time & budget allows, IE: Tighten door handles, make sure doors open / close properly & ensure all plumbing and appliances are in good working order.
    • First impressions, what the buyers will see first IE: Front garden or pathway etc, make this as impressive but simple as possible.
    • In Conclusion, try make the home look as close to a show home as possible and you will reap the rewards.

B. Photos.

95% of the time Buyers will view your home on the internet prior to requesting a viewing. Its important to have the best photo’s as possible.

    • Make sure you have done as much of the above preparing as possible to present your home in its best light prior to the Photo’s.
    • Please try to use a Professional Photographer, the deference between a $100 Bill for Great Photos and Low Class photo’s could be Thousands in selling price. If a Professional Photographer is not available then try for someone in the Park who loves photography to take them for you. They should have a good digital camera with a flash to do this. Try not to use phones to take the photo’s.
    • For best viewing experiences on the internet the Photo’s should be uniform in shape and size. For best results try for Landscape 800 Pixels X 600 Pixels Minimum and NO BIGGER THAN 500KB (1/2 MB). Click here to view a Sample.

C. Advertising your Park Home or Caravan & Annex on Park Homes

We have tried to make the advertising process as easy as possible on Park Homes and below are a few helpful tips.

    • Please use a desktop computer for this process, even though our website can be viewed on Tablets and Smart Phones, its best to create your ad on a Desktop. The Tablet and Smart phone functionality is more for buyers searching and viewing homes to buy.
    • On the Home Page please click on “Sell a Park Home” from the top menu or click on the “Sell your Own Home or Caravan” link on the right.
    • On the Park Homes Listing Options choose from the 4 Options by clicking on the “Create Listing” at the bottom of your chosen option.
    • Follow the menu items and your should be fine, if you need help please call 0421 168 943 or use the Contact Us tab.